Breakfast & Brunch Charcuterie Board

Choice of 4 $6 per person

Choice of 5 $8 per person

Selection of:

Fresh Fruit
Imported & Domestic Cheese
Jams & Jellies
Nut Butters
Egg Bites
Candied Bacon
Cured Meats
Smoked Salmon


Minimum of 25 per type

Continental Breakfast $8
Assorted mini scones, danishes and muffins served with coffee and choice of yogurt or fruit. VG

Crème Brulee French Toast $10
Brioche bread hand dipped in crème brulee batter, topped with fresh berries and whipped cream.  Served with syrup and butter. VG

Chicken & Waffles $13
Belgian Style waffle with fresh made fried chicken & served with spicy syrup.

Hot Breakfast

Minimum of 25 per type

$15 Per Person

Pick 1:  Bacon, Pork or Turkey Sausage

Pick 1:  Scrambled Eggs, Mini Quiche

Pick 1:  Muffins, Bagels, Croissants

Home Fries

Breakfast Strata

$60 Small (Serves 10-12)
$120 Large (Serves 20-24)

L.A.’s original breakfast made with baked bread, eggs and layered with choice of fillings including:

Roasted Vegetables & Cheddar VG
Applewood Bacon & Cheddar Cheese
Roasted Vegetables & Feta Cheese VG

Breakfast Sandwiches

$6 Per Person
Minimum of 10 per type

L.A. Signature
Toasted English muffin, egg, Applewood smoked bacon, egg, and cheddar cheese

Vegetarian VG
Egg whites, cheddar cheese, fresh spinach, and tomatoes wrapped in a spinach tortilla.

Substitute a croissant for any sandwich, $1.5 each.

Egg Bites

Minimum of 12 per type

$4 Each

Bacon, Egg & Cheese GF

Sausage, Egg & Cheese GF

Roasted Vegetable & Feta VG GF

A La Carte

Pricing per serving unless specified

Sm Fruit Display $75 (serves 20-30) VG GF
Lg Fruit Display $145 (serves 40-50) VG GF
Whole Fruit $2 VG GF
Fresh Fruit Cup $3 VG GF
Yogurt Cups $3 VG GF
Yogurt & Granola $4 VG
Assorted Danishes $35 per dozen VG
Assorted Scones $35 per dozen VG
Assorted Muffins $24 per dozen VG
Bagels $24 per dozen VG
(Gluten-Free Muffins & Bagels Available)
Applewood Smoked Bacon $4
Pork/Turkey Sausage $4
Home Fries $3 VG
Scrambled Eggs $3 VG
Healthy Oatmeal $3  VG 
Protein Bars $4 VG 
Granola Bars $3 VG 
L.A. Catering’s Gourmet Snack Mix  $4 VG


$3 per

Hot Tea 
Assortment of teas

Assorted Sodas and Bottled Water
Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Starry

Assorted Juices 
Orange, cranberry, ruby red grapefruit & apple

Regular or Decaffeinated Coffee

VG = Vegetarian
GF = Gluten Free

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